Power System Test Cases

This page collects the open-source data repositories for test systems in electric power systems. All the test systems contain at least data for power flow study. They are further categorized by the type of studies they are suitable of.

Test Cases for Market Analysis

Synthetic Power Grid Test Cases

Synthetic electric grid models are fictitious representations that are designed to be statistically and functionally similar to actual electric grids while containing no confidential critical energy infrastructure information (CEII). They provide power system researchers with non-confidential, interchangeable power grid data. Synthetic power grid test cases are fictitious power systems built from open data, including population and postal information. They are designed to represent the load and generation characteristics of the real system and can be used mainly in power flow and OPF studies.

More information about the cases can be found on the repository website and visualization of the networks are available on figshare.com.

PJM 5-Bus Test System

The PJM 5-bus system is based on the original PJM 5-bus system, which contains data related to real power only. It demonstrates results based on the linearized DC optimal power flow (OPF) model. Some modification to the original data from a PJM training document back to 1999, as well as new parameters related to reactive power such that AC-model-based simulation is possible.More details can be found in the paper linked here. Data for economic studies on the IEEE 30-bus system is also presented in the paper.

Test Cases for Dynamic Study